Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hydrovolts Blog lives again

We are re-launching the Hydrovolts blog after a break of several months. Hydrovolts co-founder Chris Leyerle started and maintained the blog, and he left Hydrovolts in July 2010 to become an entrepreneur in residence at Washington State University, I, Burt Hamner, the other co founder and the CEO, am now the blogger in chief. I am learning as I go.

Lots to report: Hydrovolts closed its Series A financing round in December, raising $700k. It was over-subscribed, so another financing round is in the works. We have hired a new Chief Operating Officer, Mike Layton. We are building three sizes of turbine, with an interchangeable rotor set for each size so we have many options for making power. In December we tested turbines in a government laboratory and got great data showing the turbine efficiency is better than we expected. Watch this video of the Flipwing in the Flume!

I'll keep this blog updated with our adventures, stay tuned!