Monday, November 3, 2008

Construction Costs per Watt
SolFocus Inc., a provider of concentrator photovoltaic solar energy solutions, said
Monday it signed a $103 million agreement to install more than 10 megawatts of
CPV solar energy projects in several sites across southern Spain by the end of

Mountain View-based SolFocus' said its CPV systems use a combination of
"high-efficiency PV cells and advanced optics to provide high solar energy
yields at competitive costs for commercial, industrial, and utility

$10.30 per watt in construction costs? Could it really be spendier than offshore wind?

I'm hunting for reliable numbers on the typical per-watt construction costs of different kinds of commercial-scale electrical generation technologies, so far with little success. I've looked through the mountains of data at the Energy Information Administration, googled at length on the Handy-Whitman index (amongst other terms)--without much success.

Any readers have suggestions on where to find this data?
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