Monday, January 19, 2009

Big Green Lie

ExxonMobil is leading an astonishing cast as a "prominent sponsor" of a so-called "Green Gala" by the International Conservation Caucus Foundation. Does partying with the likes of the Nature Conservancy and the World Wildlife Federation make them green-by-association? Or perhaps they will pay for the carbon offsets to fly in beef from Texas and roses from Ecuador?

ExxonMobil has along history of spin and a leading position on this blog's Roll of Shame. Climate Progress (h/t) notes:
The oil giant has spent millions of dollars over the years as a principal sponsor of the global warming disinformation campaign aimed at stopping efforts to conserve a livable climate — even after they said they stopped such funding.
This is the corporate greenwashing version of the Big Lie. I'm not sure which dismays more, the brazen effort to jump onto the green bandwagon, or the wagonmasters in the environmental community who have prostituted their ideals and traded green for gold.
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