Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Clean Tech Open Video and Pictures

There were a lot of fun things about our week in San Francisco. Winning the National Sustainability Award at the Clean Tech Open (CTO) Gala. Being a finalist for Newpreneur of the Year competition. Seeing many old friends, and meeting new ones. Learning about many new companies doing exciting things. Especially cool was watching a professionally made video about Hydrovolts (as opposed to our home-made efforts):

Thanks to Dia North, Jonathon Angelini and the team at ExpertInABox for putting this together! (Also now on Youtube.)

Here are a few more pictures, from the Pacific Northwest region through the Gala in San Francisco:

Washington State Governor Christine Gregoire
with Department of Commerce head Rogers Weed,
Pacific Northwest CTO Co-Chair Byron McCann,
Events Chair Andy Braff, and the PNW Semifinalists

Pacific Northwest Clean Tech Open Sustainability Award
(l-r, Sustainability Chair Karl Unterschuetz, Hydrovolts' Brian Peithman,
Chris Leyerle and Burt Hamner, Andy Braff and Byron McCann)

Pacific Northwest Regional Finalists Award
(l-r, Andy Braff, LivinGreen Materials' Dr. Guozhong Cao,
Green Lite Motors' Buzz Hill and Tim Miller, CTO Executive Director Rex Northern,
Hydrovolts' Chris Leyerle, Burt Hamner and Brian Peithman, and Byron McCann)

Burt Hamner and Chris Leyerle demonstrate the
Hydrovolts Flipwing turbine at the CTO Gala

Burt Hamner addresses the CTO Gala audience

Chris Leyerle and Burt Hamner receive the CTO National
Sustainability Award from CTO Sustainability Chair Julia Hu
and Michael Closson of CTO Founding Partner Acterra

Finally, a reminder: if you can, please support the Clean Tech Open as it expands to the midwest and east coast next year by being a sponsor, a volunteer, or by making a donation. Thanks!

Links to recent media stories about Hydrovolts:

Globe Innovator
Triple Pundit
Renewable Energy World
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News Blaze

There are many other sites that have reprinted these stories as well.

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