Thursday, October 30, 2008

Goals, not Paths

David Roberts posts pragmatic good sense that should be applied to our energy policy:
Define where you're trying to go, the social benefits you're trying to
achieve, and then allow actors in an open, competitive market to find the best
way there. Progressive goals; market-based means.

The way this is often expressed in the political arena is as an aversion to
"picking winners." But we have to be careful. Three policy imperatives fall out
of GNP thinking:

(1) The goals themselves must be mandatory and legally enforced.
(2) No particular path should be given new favors and advantages.
(3) Paths that presently enjoy favors and advantages should have them removed.

Obama proposes a national RPS as a key goal--will it be "mandatory and legal enforced" once Congress gets done with it? Will we see an end to the disparities in the PTC across different renewable energy technologies?
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