Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wave technology ahead of ecological impact studies

Thanks to Brittany Sims for alerting us to new research out of OSU's Hatfield Marine Science Center. Stated Center Director George Boehlert: “Right now, the wave energy technology is ahead of the related ecological research. It is important to begin addressing these questions because the potential benefits from a clean, renewable energy source like ocean waves are enormous.” Some details of the study are here, but I can't find the whole report on the web yet; if anyone sees it please post a link!
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Brittany said...

@CLeyerle You're welcome. Did you also see the news today that the Department of Energy granted Ocean Power Technologies $2 million for the Reedsport, Oregon project?
Lots going on along the Oregon coast these days! I'll keep an eye out for that full OSU report and let you know when I find it.

Brittany said...

Found it! Check out the full OSU wave energy environmental impact report by following the link on the Dock Talk blog:

CLeyerle said...

Brittany, thanks fot the link.

Yes, I saw that OPT got some money--good for them! I am very interested in the current crop of wave machines and approaches. More to write on that another day.