Thursday, February 11, 2010

HCE Day 3

The Hydrovolts Flipwing Turbine demonstration unit intrigues the neighbors in Bellevue Washington
The Harvesting Clean Energy Conference ended Tuesday. It was an excellent event and I and the rest of the Hydrovolts team really enjoyed ourselves. We made many good contacts and heard from many interesting speakers. The general proceedings finished around mid-day on Tuesday and attendees scattered to one of several field trips.

I regret I missed virtually all of the Tuesday morning talks and sessions and so cannot much report on them. Instead of the conference, I drove 45 minutes away to meet with am irrigation district that has expressed some interest in hosting a demonstration. The meeting with the Board of Commissioners went well, and they asked many good questions. An announcement on this soon, perhaps.

I heard from a friend that Conference Emcee Hal Calborn gave Hydrovolts a shout-out from the podium before the morning keynote as a Cleantech Open winner. We had several people come ask us about the Cleantech Open. I strongly encourage entrepreneurs to enter this year and others to volunteer their time and expertise. Being a part of the Cleantech Open has paid and continues to pay enormous dividends to Hydrovolts.

Thanks, Hal!

My notes from earlier in the conference: Day 1 and Day 2.

As things were winding down I heard that this might be the last year for the Conference. Only 10 years and already at the end? Say it ain't so! We'll be back next year, and that was what I heard from a lot of others as well. Why argue with success?

Tuesday afternoon Brian Peithman ("the Hydrovolts Engineering Department") and I made sure the Flipwing Turbine demonstration unit was properly secured to the flat-bed truck and I drove it back west. The turbine spent the night parked in front of my house in Bellevue's Somerset neighborhood, where it aroused some interest from the neighbors. A few had heard it about from the TV, and had many questions, including whether it was going to stay on the street for a while. Yesterday morning, however, I drove it to its new home, a great location with great resources and great people, and where we will be able to advance the Hydrovolts mission dramatically. I can't say just yet more about this, but look for an announcement next week.
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