Sunday, February 28, 2010

On the Move

McKinstry & Company logo
Hydrovolts will be moving to Seattle's Georgetown neighborhood in May.

On Friday we signed a Letter of Intent with McKinstry Company to be one of the first tenants in their nearly-complete McKinstry Innovation Center, whose purpose is to "bring new and emerging companies together to foster the advancement of clean, green energy technologies."

Said David Allen, McKinstry Executive Vice President, at the original announcement last October:
The opportunities before us are significant. There is great demand for new green energy efficient technologies. Companies who are developing these now have a place to collaborate and gain the momentum they need to propel this industry forward.
We look forward to working with Dean, David and our many other friends at McKinstry to advance the growing bright green sector in the Pacific Northwest, and create the renewable hydropower technology of the future.

Update: The folks at McKinstry have requested a clarification on their branding: Their name is "McKinstry Company" and we're moving to the "McKinstry Innovation Center" which is a "commercialization accelerator" not an "incubator."
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