Monday, March 1, 2010

The Hydrovolts Turbine - VII

The Hydrovolts Flipwing Turbine had a very successful coming out at the Harvesting Clean Energy Conference a few weeks ago. So, where does it go next?

Moving into the McKinstry Innovation Center in a few months is exciting, but another great reason to be there is the football field-sized workshop just downstairs. We decided there's no reason to wait until May, so we took the turbine straight from the show to the shop.

The Hydrovolts Flipwing Turbine arrives at McKinstry on a flatbed truck
Hydrovolts COO Chris Leyerle arrives at McKinstry
after the drive from Kennewick with the Hydrovolts Flipwing Turbine

The talented staff at McKinstry got right to work.

Forklifting the turbine from the truck
A forklift plucks the Hydrovolts Flipwing Turbine from the flatbed truck...

Moving the Hydrovolts Flipwing turbine into the shop
...and takes it inside the workshop at McKinstry

Reviewing machining plans
Hydrovolts CEO Burt Hamner inspects progress on the Alpha-1C prototype
with McKinstry Operations Manager Kenny Branson and VP Jack Cheetham

Discussing design alternatives
Brian Peithman of Hydrovolts discusses design considerations
with fellow engineers Nicolas Michel-Hart and Dan Lofstrom

The Hydrovolts Flipwing Turbine on the McKinstry shop floor
The Hydrovolts and McKinstry teams with the Alpha-1C
Flipwing Turbine at the McKinstry shop

The Hydrovolts Alpha-1C Flipwing Turbine will be on display Thursday March 4 at the Innovation Center at McKinstry as part of the Pacific Northwest Region Cleantech Open kickoff and the Zino Green Investment Forum. Come to one or both events and see the future of distributed hydropower!

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